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Biliner Naturally Carbonated

Biliner naturally carbonated natural mineral water

BILINER is world famous water used in hydromineral curative establisments in Czech Spas.
Strongly mineralized and naturally sparkling springs are a special natural phenomenon.

The most prominent name associated with healing springs has been BILINER Sauerbrunn (locally BÍLINSKÁ KYSELKA), owned and sold by noble House of Lobkowicz on the estate of Bilina City since 1664. The strongest European naturally carbonated natural mineral water BILINER originates in the Bohemian Central Mountains near the town of Bílina. Draws from a depth of 190.8 m near the majestic Biliner Stein mountain, which beauty acclaimed Celebrities such as Alexander von Humboldt and J. W. Göthe.

BILINER has won many medals around the world. Already in 1900, BILINER was awarded the Golden Medal at the World Expo in Paris as the Best natural dietetic drink of the World.

BILINER Naturally Carbonated Natural Mineral Water is packaged without any modifications



Lithium (Li+)


Fluoride (F-)


Sodium (Na+)

1 760

Chloride (Cl-)


Potassium (K+)


Sulphate (SO42-)


Magnesium (Mg2+)


Hydrogen Carbonate (HCO3-)

4 430

Calcium (Ca2+)


Non-dissociated components


Overall mineralization (mg/l-1)

7 403

Carbon dioxide freely dissoled (CO2) (mg/l-1)

1 940

pH at 16,7 oC


Osmotic pressure



Classification of BILINER

BILINER is Naturally Carbonated Natural Mineral Water. Rich in mineral salts. Contain bicarbonate, sulphate, chloride, magnesium, fluoride, sodium, iron. Contains more than 1.5 mg/l of fluoride, not suitable for regular consumption by infants and children under 7 years of age.


White water is collected from the source BJ 6 – deep well 190.6 m, then it is pressurized by underground pipeline and accumulated at a constant temperature in the reservoirs. From these tanks, it is transported without any modifications or chemical preservation to the pressurized bottle filler in the bottling area. This gentle process allows you to maintain almost the original amount of finely dissolved carbon dioxide, which is essential for the delicious taste of this mineral water. This whole process is the reason why the Bílinska Kyselka is unique for centuries.

BILINER is used for curative purposes

BILINER is used at source for curative purposes in thermal and hydromineral establishments since 1664. BILINER combines in a rare way the effects of healing water and an excellent and delicate taste of the mineral salt mixture.

What is "Naturally Carbonated"?

With BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water, there is a rare combination of yield from a natural healing source with true "acid". The BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water spring is saturated with natural gas, so it is sparkling from its source.

What is “Naturally Carbonated”?

Natural carbon dioxide content in water

In the case of the Bílinské kyselky, a rare combination of field from a natural healing source with true "acidic" occurs. The Bílinská spring is saturated with natural gas, so it is sparkling from its source.


The origin of the word Carbonated

At first, the chemists imagined that the Bílinska Kyselka contains oxygen, then it was refined to carbonic acid, and we now know that it is a mixture of natural, water-soluble gases, the predominant part  is carbon dioxide.

The path of BILINER from the ground to the bottle:

1. Basalt rocks contiguous with a permeable coil

2. Mineralized crackling water heated by volcanic activity

3. Output of carbon dioxide

4. Cold water saturated with carbon dioxide

5. The borehole BJ-6 Bílina s hloubkou 198 m

6. Fracture systems protruding to the surface

7. Clay impervious layers sealing the orthole layers

8. Drainage circuits draining surface water from the spring

9. The spring in the spa park is part of the first-degree protection zone according to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

10. The building complex of BILINER bottling plant