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How To Use It

How To Use


Hyperacidity, heartburn

Inhalation, mucus dissolution

Metabolism processes, swelling, gout

Inhalation, mucus dissolution

Acidification, reduction of gastric acid formation

Bile stones

Reduction in urine acidity

Improving metabolism

Drinking cure of BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water

0.1 to 0.4 liter (1/2 to 2 glasses of Bílinské kyselky) in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before bedtime. Using 0.2 to 0.5 liters during or after meal has a beneficial effect on digestion. Reduces unpleasant heartburn after consuming heavy foods, wine and coffee.


BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water dissolves the mucus in bronchi and nose

BILINER is one of the most valuable natural sources suitable for inhalation. For inhalation, highly mineralized spa waters are the most used. As many studies have confirmed, it can gently remove the airway mucosa (such as a stuffy nose) while helping to dissolve mucus.


BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water has a benificial effect on heartburn and reflu

Biliner Naturally carbonated Water is popular amongst people suffering from heartburn or acid indegestion and is taken during the meal to prevent these unpleaseant conditions, Bilinska has an anacid effect on gastric acid formation.


Remineralisation of the body

Especially good in hot weather, in hot work enviroments &  in sports

The concentration and combination of the minerals in the Bílinská water is effective in many cases, where the individual components has no positive effect. As table mineral drinking water, Bílinská supplies our bodies with the necessary minerals, such as bicarbonate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium and magnesium in the ideal ratio. 

Organ deacidation

Reduction of blood and urine acidity

The therapeutic effects of alkaline mineral water have been know for centuries. BILINER Naturally Carbonated Water is an excellent representative of a dietetic drink, which combines the pleasant curative properties of sparkling water and a positive influence on the dietary processes. For centuries it has been recommended in pregnancy.