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Biliner Royal Class

Top class natural spring water

BILINER Royal class is a natural, high quality, pure spring water for regular hydration, perfectly balanced by nature with PH 7.4 ideal for your body. Its velvety taste and perfect balance of minerals is an ideal healthy option for everyone – young and old alike – as well as an ideal desktop drink or a mixer at social events. It is naturally designed to flush out all of life’s impurities from your body.

This spring gushes out of the rocks beneath, just a short distance from our original BILINER Premium Mineral spa. Untainted. Nothing added. Untouched by human hand. Crystal clear. Bottled at our modern, spotlessly clean, sterile plant recently restored and renovated with the aid of our European Economic Union Historical Preservation Grant.

Along with our Premium Alkaline Mineral Water it provides an excellent, balanced way to provide healthy daily hydration and mineralization for the human anatomy in a safe, natural way. This was once difficult, now we have made it easy. Your body will thank you!


Long and distinguished history since 1664

The first mention of trading BILINER mineral water appeared in the year 1664, which makes it the oldest product of its kind and the only product which has been awarded numerous gold medals from around the world. All the places and the years of these awards now traditionally form a part of the decorative ribbons shown on the logo of the product.

A pure spring water so healthy you might just live forever…